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The impacts of environmental degradation and climate change are increasingly visible across the globe, affecting the resilience of communities and threatening biodiversity. From extreme weather events such as hurricanes and wildfires, to slow onset disasters like droughts and sea-level rise, the impacts of climate change are undermining human health and security. Latin America and the Caribbean face other major environmental challenges. For example, air, water, and noise pollution affect approximately 80 percent of urban populations. Ocean plastics degrade the physical beauty of coastal areas, threatening livelihoods and marine life.

What is the path to a resilient and sustainable future for the region?  What concrete measures can be taken to protect ecosystems and biodiversity, reduce the consumption of finite resources, promote energy, infrastructure, and transportation efficiency, as well as promote resilience and adaptation to climate change?

The Vidanta Foundation and Wilson Center's Latin American Program are pleased to issue a call for applications to conduct research about and propose concrete solutions to the range of environmental threats faced by countries of the hemisphere. The residential fellowship will begin in January 2020.

Citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean who reside in the region are encouraged to focus their applications on innovative projects and public policies that will address one or more of the region’s urgent environmental challenges. The goal of the fellowship is to explore and highlight evidence-based initiatives that have shown promising results and have the potential to be adopted on a wider scale in the region.